Which is the worst?

– To go on the game ( i.e. sell ones body for sex ),
or work in Muckdonalds?

– To sell Wacky Baccy ( Hash ),
or work in a slaughterhouse?

– Join the military, or spend the rest of ones life on the

There is no need to gain a income from any of the above:
Just as there is No Need To Kill, Slaughter, or Sell the
carcasses of animals.

We all have choices.

The only problem is that if one choices to exercise a
conscientious objection at work, then one could suffer as
a result of the various economic sanctions which exist
within society.

The issue of just what happens to those who are thrown
out of work for pacifist, vegetarian, or good ecological
principles, is one which needs a lot more attention.

This is not so much a problem in terms of a choice between
taking up, ( or not taking ), up a specific job,
but what may happen if one refuses to undertake any
unprincipled work for ones existing employer.

Resign ones job and one is classed as making oneself
deliberately unemployed, and thus one may not get any
unemployment benefits.

Get the sack for ones principles, and one may be classed
as ‘unemployable’ by many firms .

The prospect of no income, as a consequence of refusing
to undertake any unprincipled work, is a frightening one
for many a person.

What we don’t know is just how many people suffer as a
result of exercising their right to say no at work.

What we do need is a network of support for people who
land up within such a situation.


A fund which will help them if they are unable to get any
unemployment money as a consequence of saying:
‘ I Will Not Do Any Unprincipled Work’.

This is an issue which will not go away.

This is an issue which will need to be acted upon.

This is an issue which will needs some funding now.

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