Design It Yourself.

I’m constantly amazed at just how bad design information can
make life really difficult for us all.

Here are just a few example which illustrate the point.

– That one constantly sees posters about the dangers of
running up & down escalates.

Yet if I ever have to use a stationary escalator then I get

I’m still waiting to see a sign that says
Danger! Stationary Escalator.

– That self checkout machines in supermarkets are never
designed so for those of us who want to use our own

I’ve still got to come across one that is designed by someone
who uses ergonomic principles.

– That there is never any thought given to the needs of
pedestrians waiting for traffic lights to change.

I’ve always thought that they should include a rain shelter as
one can sometimes take an age to wait for the pedestrian light
to change green.

It would also be better if it there was some indication as to
just how long one would have to wait before crossing over to
the other opposite pedestrian way.

These lights do already operate in the Netherlands, and so
what about bring them in to use in the rest of the world?

– That those who set the standards on VDU use have never
worked out that they do not march up with the very different
distance requirements of those of us who use verifocals.

Perhaps they should try setting up a working group of those
who use verifocals in order to produce a new set of real
world VDU user standards.

– That more medications do not have a brail label as a part of
the design upon the packaging.

It’s not that difficult to do so with modern packaging

Hum – Maybe I should set myself up as a design consultant.

I couldn’t produce worse results that what some of the
current designers have left us with   – – –   Could I ?

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