What Does EDF Really Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the Initials of the Nukiller Power provider EDF might mean?

I did so and came up with a few possible answers.

Here is my list:-

– Especially Dangerous & Faulty.

– Expensive Dodgy & Fissile.

– Everything Dangerous & Fissile.

– Extremely Dangerous Fellows.

– Economically Damaging & Faulty.

– Ensuring Damages Follow.

– [ An ] Eroding Deadly Failure.

– Emissions Destructive & Frightening.

– Ensuring a Desolate Future.

– Entering a Doomed Future.

– Enterprising a Deadly Folly.

All other ideas as to just what EDF might mean would be most welcome,
and I’ll just add then to this list.

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