Promoting Wind Turbines.

The first time I saw a wind turbine in use was some 30 years ago, and all I could think of was WOW!
I still get those WOW! moments every time I see a wind farm in

The really important thing to remember about windfarms is
that it is tried & tested technology which can help us solve the
problems we all face in terms of both nukiller power and
global warming.

The other important point about the use of wind turbines,
is they form a part of a decentralised solution to much of our
economic woes.

I also believe that it is really important to promote the use of
wind turbines,
and as a part of this effort I’ve put together a brief set of
links upon the subject.


This will give you links to all of the ( windfarm ) energy
co-operatives within the uk.

Wind Power Monthly.

This is worth reading.

Wind Power Works

For some very good technical info for none techies you might
like to look at the Windpower website.

Marine Current Turbines.

This company has developed some really tidal power
There is also a very long history of the use of wind power which you might like to read about.

Poul La Cour

Poul La Cour was a pioneer of wind turbines.

He was also one of the greatest technologists of the
twentieth century.

You might also like to learn about his museum.

Once you know more about his work,
and all those have followed on from him,
then you too will go WOW!

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