25 4 25

It was on December 15th 1985 that I first became a regular
volunteer with War Resisters International ( WRI ).

Being a volunteer does not mean that I do any of the exciting
project work, but it does involve me in working upon all of
these routine jobs around the office which need to be done in
order that WRI can function as a campaigning body.

If you have received anything in the post from WRI over the
last 25 years, then I might of worked on that mailing.

If you have been to any of the WRI gatherings over the last 25
years, then I would of been one of the  individuals who helped
print the background papers which you would of received for
the event.

I have also worked upon all of those unexciting, or repetitive
jobs which are needed in order to help support COs.

Aside from that I’ve keep the filing system up to date,
and helped out with many of these none project jobs which
keep the office functioning.

While many of these jobs are unexciting, they do require that I
have to know a lot in order to perform these tasks.

I keep coming in every week to do these tasks because they are
very necessary if we are going to build a Nonviolent society,
and will do so as long as this vital work needs to be done.

25 years is a long while to keep working this way,
and something which I want you all to celebrate with me.

So I’m asking you to participate in 25 4 25.

I’m asking that you too make a contribution to WRI by donating
25 units of your own local currency  in order to help fund this

This could be in the form of 25 dollars, 25 Euros. 25 Krone, 25
pounds, 25 Yen, or 25 units of what ever your local currency
might be.

Just thinking it as giving something of what is a local for you
to the global work of WRI.

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