Send Jamie Oliver to Jail.

I keep being told how bad food, and food additives, are a
major contributing factor in the bad behaviour of children.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of attention
focused upon the quality of food which is served out in the

The food writer and chef Jamie Oliver has been very vocal
upon this subject.

The Veggies food co-operative in Nottingham have done a lot
of work to improve school meals within the city.

Anyone who has been within a UK Hospital over the last few
years will tell you just how bad the quality of NHS
( National Health Service ) food had become.

Even more worrying are the continuing reports upon the
nutritional value of what is being served to patients.

Yet it is not just within Schools and hospitals that bad food
is served up on a daily basis.

Food & Nutrition is a Criminal Issue.

I first meet Ronnie Lee before he founded the Animal
Liberation Front ( ALF ).

Ronnie has been jailed three times for his ALF activities.

Being a vegan in prison during the 1970s could present one
with various nutritional problems, such as getting to be
able to get hold of enough dried fruit or nuts.

I once asked Ronnie how he had survived a prison diet, and
he told me that it was a question of having a word with
whoever was working in the kitchen at this time.

My mate Ippy spent a week in jail a couple of years back.
This was for the none payment of fines incurred while on an
anti-militarist action.

From what she told me about her experiences while inside
prison, there is a lot more work which needs to be done in
order to improve just what is being served up to both
vegetarian and none vegetarian prisoners.

What might be done.

– Implementing a locally grown organic / vegie food regime
in prisons would really help the prison population.

Detoxing the bodies of younger prisoners, who have always
eaten high additive junk food, should result in the better
behaviour of all prisoners.

– teach cooking in prisons.

This would held prisoners to appreciate good home made
food, so that they will no wish to rely upon take away

In doing so they will also learn how to pay less for food,
learn how to manage on their income,
& thus help to alleviate many of the economic factors which
might otherwise push some individuals towards a life of

If you are what you eat, then bad food for prisoners is a
crime, but there is a none punishing solution which may be

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