Present And Future Nukiller Power Problems – Part One – Chernobyl.

There is no such thing as a safe nukiller power plant,
there certainly is no easy way to clean up the mess after any
nukiller power disaster.

The word at both Fukushima and Chernobyl is that it’s much
more of a dangerous situation that we face than the last time
anyone looked at what was happening at these sites.

After the  Chernobyl Nukiller Power Plant disaster of the 1986 a
sarcophagus was built over the plant.

Now a quarter  of a century later there is to be a new sarcophagus,
known as a Safe Confinement (NSC or New Shelter),
built over the plant.

The reason for this is that plant is currently leaking a lot of
while we still don’t know what the full state of the present
sarcophagus might be.

Building the new sarcophagus will be a major civil engineering project.

My only Question is just how long will it be before that in turn
needs to be replaced?

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