Westinghouse And Toshiba Nukiller.

Following the news that both E.ON and RWE are pulling out of a
project to building new nukiller plants in the UK,
there has been a lot of speculation about which companies will
buy in to Horizon.

One of the companies which has been mentioned in this context is

Westinghouse already own the Springfields plant in Lancashire
where nukiller fuel rods are manufactured.

Westinghouse has been in the ownership of Toshiba since 2006.

Another subsidiary of  Toshiba is the
Toshiba Power System Company,
which is heavily involved in the nukiller power industry.

Here is a quote from their website: –
‘ The Power Systems Company’s capabilities cover the full
spectrum of power generation systems, including high-efficiency
thermal and hydro power generation, renewables such as
geothermal and wind power, and nuclear power, all essential for
realizing the stable electricity supply essential for powering our
modern world.’

I doubt that many people in japan believe that line after the disaster at Fukushima.

Toshiba needs to be reminded about just how dangerous nukes can be.

Following that you can also boycott Toshiba –
until they pull out of the nukiller power industry.

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