Present And Future Nukiller Power Problems – Part Two – Islands In The Making.

Right Now.

There is an increasingly optimistic prospect that the proposed two
new EDF nukiller plants at Sizewell and Hinkley may not be

If Centrica be also be persuaded to pull out of new build,
then what we will have left are just the existing plants to close down within the UK.

In to the future.

The real problem with campaigning about nukiller power is that
it involves some very long term thinking.

Within 30 – 40 years Sizewell could be a island if sea levels
continue to rise as the result of global warming.

While at Bradwell the decommissioning process
will not be completed until 2087.

That is 75 years from now,
by which time all of the current anti-nukiller power activists will be dead.

In to the centuries to come.

This says nothing about all the other long term problems about
the safe storage of nukiller waste which  will pose major problems
in the centuries to come.

In other words: –
We not only need to think about short term campaign to stop new
build and closing down the existing nukiller plants,
but make sure that what’s left over at the plants does not become
an environmental danger in the years to come.

This means we will all need to do some very long term thinking,
and that must also be a very different way of thinking.

Gothic thinking.

It all reminds me about those who built the Gothic cathedrals.

They would plan and work upon them,
while also knowing that they would be long dead after the
buildings were completed.

It’s a very long term vision of a nukiller free world which we now
need to start thinking upon.

It’s a very long term campaign for us all.

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