Question The SAMI Certificate.

The Security Association for the Maritime Industry international
certification programme is an scheme run by SAMI
( The Security Association for the Maritime Industry ).

Referring to these Standards & Certification,
SAMI states that they have introduced:
‘a level of compliance and scrutiny to ensure that the maritime
industry can easily identify reputable private maritime security

One of the companies which has gained this certification is the Trident Group.

It is also one of the 30 membership companies which makes up SAMI.

During may Lloyd’s List identified some Trident armed guards in a video shooting at a pirate skiff  .

Here are two quotes from the newspaper story: –

‘ The International Association of Maritime Security Professionals
issued a statement on its website stating that the PMSC in the
video had employed a questionable use of force … ’

While SAMI stated that it: –
“clearly demonstrates that clarification on the rules for the use of
force is needed”

Clearly the activities of  Trident,
and worth of  the SAMI certificate,
do need to be very closely examined.

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