A Few Words To The World Nuclear Association.

This week I was on a  Kick Nuclear picket outside of the Central Hall Westminster.

This is where the World Nuclear Association was holding its 37th Annual Symposium.

Delegate to this years gathering came from such companies as: –
Westinghouse, EDF, AREVA, Rosatom, Urenco, BHP Billiton and TEPCO.

At the start of start of yesterdays morning session a few remarks were made about the PR problems which the industry now faces.

Just to illustrate this point: –
The Complete text of the Kick Nuclear leaflet was read out to the gathering.

Here is that text: –

Planning For More Disasters.

Today the World Nuclear Association is holding its 37th Annual Symposium at the Central Hall,

This year the conference is entitled Back To Business.

They will be discussing a radioactive future for us all.

– Yet children in the Ukraine are still being born with chronic illnesses, which results from the Chernobyl disaster.

– Yet the Fukushima nuclear disaster is still unfolding.

– Yet rising sea levels threaten to engulf many existing atom plants, such as at Sizewell on the Suffolk coast.

– Yet we still don’t have any long-term solutions about just how to safely store all the existing radioactive waste.

– Yet the nuclear industry still wants to construct more atomic plants, such as at Hinkley in Somerset, Sizewell in Suffolk, and many other places around the world.

Back to Business Poses a Danger to Us All.

There is an alternative to such a radioactive future.

– We can get our power from non-polluting small-scale local wind, tidal, solar and wave power sources.

We can cut our power consumption by insulating our homes

We can create a better future for us all.

Kick Nuclear. c/o 5 Caledonian Road,

http://kicknuclear. org

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