A Very Logical and Very Frightening Predication.

Studying the reports about the high levels of radiation coming out of Fukushima in to the Pacific makes for very depressing reading.

It will continue to be that way as more radioactive water is allowed to be poured in to the sea.

Just what effects this will have upon marine life in the long term is frightening to contemplate.

Though the  continuing reports coming out of Alaska and California are good indicators of just how much of a crisis we now face.

How many common species of birds, fish, and mammals will become endangered species as the result of radiation from Fukushima ?  There is just no way of knowing.

What are now common species will become rare species, and very rare species might soon become extinct.

Fukushima fallout is being spread by typhoons, and there are now some very worrying reports which have now emerged from New Zealand.

Meanwhile in the north.

The US Navy predicts ice free summers in the Arctic by 2016.

With this will come changes to the free flow of water around the Arctic We just don’t know what the long term effects of this will be.

If I am right, then radioactive water from Fukushima is already flowing in to the Arctic via the Bering current. This being so then it could well start to flow south via the North Atlantic current, then down past the east coast for Canada and the USA. After that it would be carried up the Gulf Stream, and thus to the coastal waters of Western Europe.

Does this sound like a frightening and very dramatic prediction ?

Well it is intended to be that way.

There are very few people taking any serious thoughts about just what will happen as a result of the continuing disaster at Fukushima,  or just what the long term effects will be.

It’s a global crisis and needs to be treated that way.