Selling Death Below The Sea.

This years UDT 2014 [ Underwater ‘Defence’ Technology ]
arms fare and conference will take place in Liverpool between June 10th and 12th.

This is an event which its organisers describe as:
‘ The global event for underwater defence and security.’

It is an arms fair.

The event is being organised by the Clarion Events who run DSEI.


The UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation, which exists to help arms manufactures to export their weapons around the world.

The Deadly Merchants.

Such well know Arms manufacturers such as
– BAE Systems,
– Babcock International Group,
– James Fisher Defence,
– Lockheed Martin,
will be exhibiting their deadly products at the event.

Lesser known companies such as
– BMT Defence Services,
– Drumgrange Ltd,
– SeeByte
will also be exhibiting their products at the event.

The Deadly Buyers.

At UDT 2013 event there were representatives from 44 countries.

Such as:-

– Colombia,
– Israel,
– the Russian Federation,
– United Arab Emirates.

The most telling fact is that this included individuals from China, Japan, & South Korea.

– All of which are involved in territorial despites with each other.

– All of which are involved in miliary stand-offs in the region.


Merseyside Peace Network will be holding a protest outside of the event from 08.30. on the morning of June 10th.

On the last day of UDT 2014 a wreath will be presented to the organisers of the arms fare.

This is in order to remember all those who will be killed because of the weapons sold at the UDT 2014 event.