GoAGT Goes Bust


Here is a news headline from Lloyd’s List:- Is the maritime security bubble about to burst?

This was because the Lymington-based Gulf of Aden Group Transits (GoAGT) has just gone bust.

It was also reported that all the work of GoAGT): – ‘ would now be carried out on their behalf by Sea Marshals, another Private Management Security Company (PMSC).

On August 6th  Seanews came up with the headline:-

‘GoAGT failure sparks worries other shipboard guard firms will go bust.’

While Malta Today reported:

‘A Malta-based, industry-leading and highly profitable maritime security company – Gulf of Aden Group Transits (GoAGT) – abruptly closed its doors this week and went into administration, leaving hundreds of employees across the globe in the lurch, some literally at sea.’

Missing Information.

What is currently happening with GoAGT is wide open to speculation as all content has been taken of the company website.     http://goagt.org/

Ditto – There is nothing about them on Facebook, but you can still find a Facebook page for the GOAGT Galle Maritime Security Training Centre.

The webpage for the GoAGT Maltese subsidiary company Maritime Guard Group
has also been removed.

Though you can still find something about them on LinkedIn .


What exactly has happened with GoAGT must remain a matter of speculation for the moment.

What this might mean for the future of all the other companies which provide armed guards at sea is very much an open question.

It’s all going to be a matter of wait at sea.


On Friday Aug 8th World Maritime News published the following news story:-

Workers Left High and Dry as GoAGT Goes Insolvent.

This news story gives an account of the GoAGT company finances, and what another maritime guards company, Sea Marshals, describes as ‘a marketing opportunity for our services.’