What’s Going Around.

There is an old Cockney saying: –
What goes around comes around.

This saying might well be applied to the world ocean currents.

Last night the following qustion struck me.

How long does it take for the North Pacific Current to complete one rotation before it comes back to pick up more radioactive water from the Fukushimma nukiller power plant ?

The key point to remember is that the plant is and will be contaminating the Pacific for many decades to come.

One does not need to be a scientist to work out what happens next.

Many coasts of the Pacific will recieve yet more radioactive water:  –  time and time and time and time and time again.

How long must we keep reading reports such as the following?

‘Huge increase in dead and sick sea mammals on California coast — Unprecedented numbers,
annual record broken in 7 months.’

‘ Millions of fish dead at Oregon coast — “Craziest thing I’ve ever seen” — “You can’t blame people for being alarmed” — Aquarium: “It kind of looks like the apocalypse… especially big numbers…’


‘ Study: Plutonium from Fukushima went further than Chernobyl — Researchers ‘surprised’ their most plutonium-contaminated sample was from site farthest from Fukushima plant — Concern material is flowing into Pacific Ocean from land.’

Yet many people still don’t get it.

What is happening at Fukushima is an ongoing disaster, and not something which happened in the past.

We need to keep reminding ourselves about this fact on a daily basis.