Marking Fukushima – Four Years On.

Here we go again

If there is ever a constant with me, then it is the need to constantly keep working upon what is the one most urgent issue.

It is the need to stop the nukiller power industry, be it new build, the transportation of highly radioactive materials, or highlighting the ongoing Fukushima disaster which is killing all life in the Pacific.

This is what drives me on.

Yet there are still very few people who are really alert to these dangers, never mind trying to do anything about them.

Time Now – Time in the future.

What needs to be understood is that we have very little time to stop nukiller new build, and sort out what to do with the existing radioactive waste.

If we don’t to so then the effects will last for thousands of years to come.

What Now.

We are now coming up to Fukushima Day, when a series of marches will be held throughout Europe to make the event. I will be on the march which is taking place on the Saturday, and leafleting about nukiller waste trains on the day itself.

I would urge you all to take part in one of these events.