Train Time Information

Over the last year I’ve been out leafleting about the nukiller waste trains issue in such places as Chester, Warrington, and Wigan.

Two of the very noticeable comments which I’ve received while doing this are:-

I’ve seen them go by. ”


I’ve seen them go through here on a regular basis.

This is like saying that they have noticed what was passing by, become very blasé about what they were seeing, or just didn’t realise how dangerous they might be.

One problem we face in campaigning about these waste trains comes as an uncertainty.

For while we know the time slots for them to pass through any station, it does not mean they will all be used.

So that’s is why I now print out the waste train time schedules, with a note as to which platform they will be passing by, and make sure everyone who is leafleting with me gets a copy.

These printed timetables can then be used to fully Illustrate just why we are are leafleting outside of the stations.

Though what really need to be saying is:-

What You Can Do About It.

The next line being: –

Do you live next door in any of these train roots?

I mention that as we do need to have more train spotters in order to document these trains.

What would be really ideal is if these train spotters could then let others know when they are going up or down the line.

Them it will be possible to alert passengers going in to these stations that a waste flask is due that day.

We still need to keep doing these leafleting sessions, and do them on a regular basis.

To quote Niccolo Machiavelli: –

The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.