Derelict London – Now the Book.

I have always liked the Derelict London website:
because it shows the City as it really is.

The changing urban landscape.
– places which I used to know that have fallen in to
– places which I’ll never see the insides of again.
– buildings which are about to be pulled down.

Just take a look for yourself.

Now there is a Derelict London book.

A book of photos and descriptions.

Many of which are places which I have known & used.

– Pubs such as the George Robey or The Intrepid Fox.
– Buildings like Winchester Palace.
– Places like Crystal Palace.
– The Tea Rooms in Holborn, which I first used during the
summer of 1968.

Yet other buildings in the book I have known about, but
will never be able to visit now.

– Places like the Tate Institute at Silvertown.

Then there are local landmarks such as:

-Battersea Power Station,
– The Cinema at Hoxton.

Even if you don’t know these places, then this is a
fascinating book to read.

Talling, Paul.
Delelict London.

Random House Books – 2008

ISBN 978 1 905 21143 2

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