Should Library Cleaners Learn Dewey?

Here is a true story which should get you thinking.

All the staff in the library started to notice that books
were being put upon the shelves in a very random order.

This was not just the normal odd book being put back in the
wrong place,
but whole sequences of books being placed out of order, on,
or around, the shelves they should of been on.

What made this much more mysterious was the fact that it
would happen on various random days, & upon various
random shelves around the library.

One evening C left work at 20.00. having made sure that all
the books in the Reference library were in perfect Dewey

The next morning she came in a 09.00. & found that the same
random ordering had occurred upon the shelves over night.

Who could be doing this?

– Not the staff.

– Not The Library Users.

C went & looked upon what was on the library CCTV
footage for the time period that she was away from the

Sure enough – – –

C found just what she had been looking for.

At 05.00. the cleaner had been in.

The cleaner had been taking the books off the shelves in
order to clean behind them.

What she had not done was to place them back upon the
shelves where they should of been kept.

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