An Untold History on Nukiller Power.

I wrote the following piece some while back, & but still think that it says a lot about Nukiller Power.

Odile & Sir John Hill.

The stupidity of those that advocate nukiller power, & yet
wonder why the industry continues to foul things up, is a
constant wonder to me.

During the period from 1974 – 1982 I was very active within
the Greenpeace ( London )* campaign to stop nukiller

When in 1977 the public enquiry to build the BNFL ( British
Nukiller Fools ) Thorp reprocessing plant at Windscale
was announced, we held a ‘mutants march’ in celebration
of the outcome of the enquiry.

Also around that time the British council of churches
decided to hold an enquiry into the idea of building fast
breeder reactors. I was one of the people from G.P. that
went along to leaflet the event.

As it worked out only Odile Girard & myself could make
the event, & so we had our work cut out. ( As an aside it
might be noted that Odile subsequently went on to work
for the Couseau society in New York. )

While leafleting the building in which this event was being
held, I noticed 3 people had gone into the building, & then
came out to pick up one of my leaflets.

These 3 included Sir John Hill ( Head of the U.K. Atomic
Energy Authority – UKAEA ), & his deputy Sir Walter
Marshall. ( N.B. At that time the UKAEA was responsible
for Windscale. )

On the leaflet was a reference to the 1957 fire at
Marshall noted this & said:
” Oh, that was nothing !
I was there at the time myself.”

My only thought to that remark was something like :
‘ Nothing ?
So what else has gone wrong that could match that ?’

Thus recent news about problems with BNFL comes as no
supprise to me.
It’s not news to those of us who have always said that the
place should be closed down.

– April 2000

* G.P.

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