A list of Campaigns For A Better World – All Of Which Were Targeted by Spycops


This is a list which illustrates just what kind of campaigns and publications were targeted by spycops.

Many of them are campaigns which I have worked with or within over the years, while others have been ones which various of my friends have been involved in.

What should always be kept in mind is that all of these campaigns have either been working to stop social injustices, clean up the environment, promote peace, stop cruelty to animals, or work towards making this a better world.


[Updated by the Undercover Research Group, 23.4.2018]

121 Bookshop/Centre Brixton
Action to Abolish the Grand National
Activist Tat Collective
Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp
All London March Against Racist Police Frame-up and Murder
Anarchist Communist Federation
anarchist groups
Animal Aid

Animal Liberation Front
Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group

Animal Liberation Investigation Unit
Animal Rights Coalition
Animal Rights Gatherings
Anti Apartheid Movement
Anti Nazi League
Anti-Fascist Action
Anti-G20 protests
Anti-GM campaigns
Anti-Metrix / RAF St Athan Defence Academy
Active Resistance to the Roots of War
Badgers Animal Rights
Banner Books
Bedford Animal Action
Big Flame
Big Green Gathering
Black Power movement
Blair Peach Campaign
Block the Base / Menwith Hill
Brian Douglas campaign
Brian Higgins Defence Commitee
British Communist Party
Brixton Hunt Sabs
Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign
Building Workers Group
Camp Bling
Camp for Climate Action
Campaign Against Climate Change
Campaign Against Fur Trade
Campaign Against Police Repression
Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Cardiff Anarchist Network
Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army
Class War
Colin Roach Centre
Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist)
Consort Beagles campaign
Cowley Club
Dambusters Mobilising Committee
Delroy Lindo justice Campaign / Police Crimes Against Civilians
Direct Action Against War Now
Direct Action Movement
Disarm DSEi Arms Fair
Disobedience Against War
Earth First!
Earth First! Summer Gatherings
Eat Out Vegan Wales
Essex Hunt Sabs
European Social Forum
Fairford Anti-War Campaign and Coaches
Federation of Local Animal Rights Groups
Free Steve Lewis Campaign
Freedom Press
Globalise Resistance
Greenham Common Women’s Camp
Gwent Anarchists
Hackney Community Defence Association
Hackney Hunt Saboteurs
Hackney Solidarity Group
Harry Stanley family campaign
Housmans Bookshop
Hunt Saboteurs
Independent Labour Party
Independent Working Class Association
International Marxists Group
International Socialists
Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front
Islington Animal Rights
JJ Fast Foods Strike
KTS Autonomous Centre
Lee House squat
Leeds anti-fascist group
Leeds Action for Radical Change
Legal Defence and Monitoring Group
Leyden Street Chicken Slaughter House campaign
Live animal exports at Shoreham, Brightlingsea & Coventry
London Animal Action
London Animal Rights Coalition
london anti fur groups
London Anti-Fur Campaign
London Boots Action Group
London Greenpeace
London Pacifist Action
McLibel Support Campaign
Milford Haven anti-LNG pipeline
Molesworth Peace Camp
Movement Against A Monarchy
Movement for Justice
No Borders / No Borders South Wales
No Platform / Antifa
Northampton Hunt Sabs
Norwich activists networks
Nottingham Anti-Fascist Alliance
Nottingham Group against Refugee Detention
Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs
Operation Omega
Oscar Okoye justice campaign
Oxford Animal Protection
Oxford Animal Protection
Palestinian Solidarity Campaign
Peace News
Peace Pledge Union
Peat Alert!
Pembrokeshire Anarchists
Poll Tax demonstrations
Radical Dairy Squat
Radical Routes network
Ratcliffe-on-Soar action
Reclaim the Streets
Red Action
Reinstate Steve Hedley Campaign
Republican Forum
Revolutionary Internationalist League
Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation
Rising Tide
Save Gorse Wood campaign / tendon protest camp
Save Newchurch GuineaPigs
Save the Hillgrove Cats
Save Titnore Woods / Protect Our Woodland
Saving Iceland (UK)
Sea Shepherd
Sengul Family Must Stay Campaign
Shark Protection League
Shoreham Live Export protests
Smash EDO campaign
Socialist Party
Socialist Workers Party
South London Animal Action / Aid
South London Animal Movement
South Wales Anarchists
SPEAK Campaigns / Stop Primate Experiments At Cambridge
Stephen Lawrence Justice campaign
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
Stop the ’70s Tour
Stop the War
Student fees campaigns
Sumac Centre Nottingham
Swansea Animal Rights
The Common Place social centre / Leeds Social Centre Ltd
Trevor Monerville justice campaign / Family and Friends of Trevor Monerville Committee
Trident Ploughshares
Troops Out Movement
Uist Hedgehog Rescue
UK Action Medics
Climate Justice Action / Never Trust a Cop
Veggies Catering Nottingham
Vietnam Solidarity Campaign
War Resisters International
Wayne Douglas justice campaign
West London hunt sabs
Women’s Liberation Front
Workers Revolutionary Party
Yorkshire CND
Young Haganah
Young Liberals
Youth Against Racism in Europe
Zapatista coffee distribution

Spycops – We Still Need To Know.

The Undercover Policing Inquiry has now cost over Nine Million Pounds, but very little of the information we need to know has been released in to the public domain.

I’m what is known as a Core Participant in the Inquiry. That is because I was subjected to the activities of spycop Bob Lambert, who I knew as Bob Robinson.

Yet despite the fact that there were some 140 spycops since the Special Demonstration Squad [SDS] was set up in 1968, we still only know a few of who they were.

The inquiry has consistently refused to release most of their real or cover names. This is because many of the former spycops have claimed it would breach their rights under article 8 of the Human Rights act.

Err —- – –

Sir John Mitting who chairs the inquiry has also stated it would be wrong to give their names of many of them: –  because of their ages.

That is despite the fact that many spycops victims are of the same age or older than these perpitrators.

Thus these anonymity rulings take no account of the emotional damage and emotional stress that these spycops have caused, and continue to cause by their behaviour.

This has left all of the victims of these spycops questioning the way in which the inquiry is being conducted.

The Other List.

From the remarkably few cover names which have been released, and what has been discover by activists, we now know a few of the spycop names, and some of the groups or organisations they infiltrated.

Aside from the Greenpeace [ London ] group which I was involved within during the 1970s & 1980s, there are other groups, organisations, and periodicals which I knew, or worked with, which were infiltrated.

Over the years I must of meet a number of spycops, or been effected by their activities.

That is because I first became a peace activist at the end of 1968.

It has been admitted that there were circa 1000 groups and organisation which were infiltrated by spycops That includes groups, periodicals, and political parties, with a very divergent range of opinions.

We need to have this list, and know just which cover names were being used.


Living In The Past

Memory is a funny thing.

A lot of what can come to mind is triggered by looking at pictures from ones past, or in conversations with old friends and comrades.

The Number Game.

The average adult English speaker will know between 15,000 to 23,000 words.

Yet the more interesting question is

– How many people does the average person physically meet in a lifetime?


– Just how many of their names do we tend to remember ?

What complicates this is knowing so many people with the Same First names, or Surnames.

That’s never mind all the campaigning groups, organisations, NGOs, or public bodies one has had contact with over the years.

Then there are the names of films one has watched, titles of books one has read, and places which one has visited over the years.

So just remembering all of these names is something which comes down to almost being able to list them all as if by rote.

Memory not gone, but fewer day by day triggers to set it in motion.

As I keep growing older there is more of my past to recall, yet there is a catch to this which I have discovered of late.

There are not the same people around me to talk over the events of yesteryear.

That’s especially so given that I have had something like 20 jobs and lived in the same number of places over the years.

While many of the people I knew in my youth are dead, lost contact with, or have moved on to different locations around the world.

So knowing how to look up these names has becomes much more important to me with the passing year.

Mispronouncing the past.

Of course just to confuse any persons name by pronounce it in the wrong way can be something of a problem.

Thus the right name can be lost to one – at least in the very short term.

For example: – by saying ow when it sound of been ov,

or thinking that it starts with Ph while it should be Th.

So one does need to keep this in mind.

Reminiscing with ones old friends and comrades.

One of the joys of seeing old friends is to talk over what we did in the past.

The old comrades getting together, and talking about the previous campaigns they were involved with, is one of the best aspects of being a long term activist.

That is where the collective memory which comes in to play.

Between us we can remember more people and events than as isolated individuals.

Poor Dears.

One of the excuses being by the Met as to why some of the cover names of former spycops should not be publicly revealed by the ongoing public inquiry in to undercover policing, is that they very frail and have impaired memories.

Poor Dears!

They can not be expected to remember exactly what they did in the past!

It’s a wonderful excuse for maintaining a situation whereby they will not be held accountable for their actions.

Yet that is just an excuse.

There is still a need for those of us who were spied upon to know just who they were,and exactly what damage they did at the time.

Once we have those undercover names, then the real memory challenges will need to be done.

Without that there can be no social justice.

Spycops – Looking In Different Directions.

It’s a while since I have written much about the Spycops issue, but that does not mean I’ve stopped working on it.

Just keeping up with the various aspects of the public inquiry, and networking with many of the others who have been effected by this issue is very much of a daily job in itself.

Current Concerns.

Much of what has been going on with the spycop issue has received the publicity it deserves, but there are some aspects of the public inquiry which are starting to cause some new concern.

Such as: –

The direction which the inquiry now seems to be drifting towards.

Whether we will ever get all the spycops cover names.   [ That’s aside from the list of some 1,000 campaign groups and organisations which they infiltrated. ]


– How the Met lawyers are now making very unreasonable demands.

Though the worst aspect of the spycop issue, is that it makes less time to work upon other pressing issues.

Working on.

From time to time I stop and think that there has been so much to do of late, that most of my time has been spent in reading about, or working upon various issues. That includes a lot of networking, commenting various issues, and passing on information to others.

Thus there has been little time to pen anything new.

That’s always the problem with multi issue campaigning.

Well that’s the way it goes.

So to save some time I’ll just list a few of the issue I’ve been looking at, or working upon over the last few months.

The AP 1000 reactor.


The danger of Pavement parking.


The Pitchford Inquiry.

Prisoners for Peace.

Though that’s just a starter list.

At present I am in the middle of some work which relates to DRS & the transport of nuklller waste on the railways.

The good thing is that I should be able to pen a little more over the next month or so.

Currently Questioning.

The job of a political activist is to keep raising questions and alerting others to the various dangerous we all face.

After that it is on to the next question, and then the next question, until there are no more questions which need asking.

That’s fine for most issues,

but it only works when the issues are very clear,

or when it is very easy to put together all the information that’s to be found.

Yet what if information is being deliberately held back from us all?

Then much of the campaigning will revolve around finding out just what the facts might be.

This is very much so when it comes to campaigning about nukiller power, and undercover policing.

The lines which keep coming up include:-

– Commercial confidentiality.

– The Official secrets act.


Neither confirm or denied.

All of which slow one down in terms of active campaigning.

That is why I am one of the 133 individuals who are calling for a list of all the political groups which were infiltrated by the police spies to be made public.

It’s a good just that the Undercover Research Group keeps working away to find out about the activities of former undercover police.


There is a very good network of anti-nukiller activists who share information with each other.

Mapping it out.

One of the most useful tools which I’ve discover in terms of looking at the nukiller issue are OS [ Ordinance survey ] maps, for they clearly show low lying lands near current the nukiller reactors.

After that I cross reference then with the UK flood maps

These maps clearly show what might well take place at these plants within the next 10 to 30 years.

The one for Dungeness is particularly interesting as it shows all the moorland to the north of the reactor site,

Many areas to the north and west are marked as: – Danger Area.

I’ll just keep looking at these maps, and keep asking just how new build can be justified while many of the existing reactors are going to be effected by rising tides.

There is no such thing as a fixed coast line.

A little Light Reading.


Behind the Headlines.

To be a really effective campaigner one has to read a lot, and that means getting away from what’s printed as the headline news.

Here is just a sample of what I have been reading of late.


New Build.

A good example of this is what has been in the press over the last couple of weeks concerns new build at Hinkley.

Despite all the headlines about the UK and Chinese governments signing a deal to built a new reactor at Hinkley, it is far from a done deal. EDF have still to sign such a deal, and there are lots of obstacles which need to be completed before any such contract can come in to force.

As to the whizzo idea of building a new reactor at Bradwell, well that’s another none starter. Just look that the flood map for the area, and then think about rising sea levels.

Thus the headline should have been: –

Hinkley and Bradwell.

It’s all smoke and Mirrors.


The Atlantic Cartier.

During October the

Bundesstelle für Seeunfalluntersuchung

[ Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation ]

published the following: –

Investigation Report 99/13  Serious Marine Casualty Fire on the con-ro carrier.

ATLANTIC CARTIER on 1 May 2013 in the Port of Hamburg

At the time of the fire the ship was carrying uranium hexafluoride (UF6), and flammable ethanol as a part of the cargo.

– Uranium Hexafluoride is highly toxic.

– Uranium Hexafluoride is corrosive to most metals.

– Uranium Hexafluoride reacts violently with water.

– Uranium Hexafluoride is radioactive.

The transport of Hex is one of the most worrying concerns which we should all have.

Meanwhile there are are growing worries about the Uranium Hex which is to be found at Capenhurst, and aspect of the proposed sale of Urenco.


The Pitchford Inquiry.

The Pitchford Inquiry in to Undercover Policing started in July.

A first preliminary hearing took place on October 7th . 

While the Sixth Preliminary Hearing be heard during March.

The inquiry will last for circa two and a half years.

It will cover many of the questions which activists have been asking for a long time, but just how many of the answers we receive is very much an open question for now.


In Support.

Being an activist means that one always has to concentrate upon a lot of immediate work, but it does not mean one can not support many other campaigns.

In point of fact it is by showing solidarity that injustices can be highlighted, and how social change may be achieved.

One of the most important things which one can do is turn up or organise support pickets.

The other kind of useful support can be to add you voice in protest.

Here are two issues which now need our support right now.

War Resisters’ International (WRI) is concerned for the safety of its members and of their fellow human rights defenders in Venezuela.


By adding your name to the Police Spies Out of Lives Support group for women’s legal action against undercover policing statement Where we stand.

Going Underground Or Just Going Missing ?

A couple of years ago I put together a few notes for an article
about people who have to go and live underground,
or just go missing.

The idea of this article was to examine just how people might live
this way within an increasingly networked society.

In my notes I referred to Bob Robinson as B,
although I now know that his real name is Bob Lambert.

I never got much further than penning these few notes.

It is highly unlikely that I will ever complete this piece,
but you might find these notes of some interest.

– – – – – – – – – – – –  — — – — – — – — —

The Networked Society.

What ever happened to B?

We can all tell stories about people we spent some time with in ones younger years, but with whom we have lost contact.

B was someone that I knew as a political activist over a
quarter of a century ago. Over time I moved on and lost
contact with him.

Continue reading Going Underground Or Just Going Missing ?

Deep Cover & Police Lies – Betrayers Anonymous.

I’ve the kind of brain which tends not to remember numbers,
but just once in a while a figure will stick with me.

Way back in 1970 there were 1 million people listed on Special
Branch files.

How large are these files now ?

I have no way of knowing.

In 1968 the Special Demonstration Squad was established by the
Special Branch to
“provide intelligence about protests and demonstrations .”

This unit included a group of full-time undercover police officers,
Agent Provocateurs.

We now know a lot about many of these undercover cops who
were active from 1984 onwards.

What we don’t know is just how many of there undercover cops
were in place during the late 1960s , the 1970s, and early 1980s.

Betrayers Anonymous.

I have been politically active since 1968,
and thus I must of meet some of these individuals.

Who might they of been?

I just don’t know.

With time it is going to become harder and harder to identify any
of the earlier undercover members of the Special Demonstration

I can now only wonder just whom they might of been.

Just whom did I  ( and others ) trust,
only to feed lies,
while we were also spied upon ?

It leave me with a very nasty feeling that I and others have been

If there is going to be any internal police or public enquiry in to
the covert activities of the Special Demonstration Squad,
then it should go back to 1968,
the results must be made public.

We all have the right to know.