Unite Against Unite Union Pro Nukiller Policy

The Unite Trade Union will be holding a Policy Conference in Liverpool this week.

To coincide with this Kick Nuclear will be leafleting the Unite headquarters on monday june 30th.

This in because Unite have a pro nukiller set of policies.

Here are some links which illustrate just what the Union has been saying about Trident and the nukiller power industry.

This first set of links are from the Unite Union.

Unite welcomes Hitachi nuclear deal and urges the new owner to maximise UK supply chain.

Faslane & Coulport strikes suspended as Babcock agrees to fresh pay talks

Brazen’ Babcock accused of pay ‘con’ as action starts at Clyde nuclear bases.

Unite victory at Capenhurst construction project.

Sellafield workers campaign for a future


Unite welcomes new government consultation on radioactive waste.

The following news stories concern the future of Trident.

Unions warn Ed Miliband scrapping Trident will cost 13,000 jobs.

Phase out don’t axe Trident, says union

Many members of Unite are opposed to these pro nukiller policies.

They should be helped with any efforts they make in order to reverse these policies.