Headlines and Reality.

2 days ago I glanced at a newspaper headline about the
banks being bailed because they are in a state of crisis.

This is a crisis which has only developed because of a
willingness and ability of people to live on debt.

As I glanced up I noticed a rough sleeper in front of me,
and pondered upon just how much of this banking crisis is
of the result of over selling mortgages.

Governments, Newspaper editors, & Bankers continue to
worry about people who may loose their homes by not
being able to continue to pay their mortgages.

Yet how many of these ‘powers that be’ have devoted any
time to ponder upon the continuing plight of rough

Trouble Ahead.

Here is a short list of those everyday sayings & signs
which should always make you think that there is trouble

– ‘There is a good service’ on the ( whatever it is )
underground or train line.

– Cloths which are just marked s m or L, & with no other
indication of what kind of real world size they may in fact

– ‘This product is child friendly.’


– Any kind of promise made by a politician that ‘things can
only get better’.

On Death & Dying. On war & Peace.

As one gets older the more one thinks about death & dying.

This is not because one becomes more maudlin, but results
from knowing or having known more people who are now

Over the last few years I have had to focus more of my
thinking upon the issue of how we might remember our
dead, how to write obituaries, & what is in my will.

All of which I view in terms of how we celebrate live,
while I have rewritten my will in terms of helping those
whom may live on after I’m gone.

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Sayings & Remarks from the new Machiavelli.

Here are a few ideas & remarks which might help anyone
understand just how to deal with any manager at work.

It’s not what you know,
or who you know,
but whom you go drinking with.

What’s the difference between ignorance & Apathy?
I don’t know, & I don’t care.

Those who are incapable of teaching become managers.

Upon finding a problem work out its solution.
Only then should you tell a manager just what the
solution might be, and follow it up with an outline of just
where the problem is to be found.